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Sarah Jayne

Hi I'm Sarah the owner of Sarah Jayne Skin-Face-Body I've been in the industry for 18 years and set my business up 9 years ago. I have a passion for and specialise in skin treatments and holistic therapies.

I continued to advance my knowledge by completing a skin practitioner course which has given me further in-depth knowledge on conditions of the skin, this allows me to further educate clients so that you as a customer have that understanding on how to look after your skin. I like to take a 360 approach by looking at the root cause of any skin concerns, these could be external or internal factors that are threating our skin health. From my personal experience with eczema, I know how skin concerns can affect your confidence.

Treatments are tailored individually from start to finish, all treatments begin with a thorough consultation to talk extensively about how we can get results from your treatment, homecare and any lifestyle changes that need to be made to achieve desired results, managing step by step any concerns and what is achievable.

My passion is to deliver a holistic approach to aesthetic therapies and is driven by results through wellness as well as aesthetics treatments.

Saraah Jayne
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